About FanJuicer

Launched in March 2018, FanJuicer is the Internet’s first blog (as far as I know) run by a market researcher dedicated to using legitimate market research techniques to quantify fans’ opinions about sports teams and topics.

It all started in August of 2017. I’m a college football fanatic, and every year media outlets release their preseason team rankings in the months before the season kicks off in late August. I, like many college football fans, read all of them. That season, there was a specific team from the Big Ten that I just did not think was going to be good enough to merit making the “Top 10” of most media outlets’ preseason rankings. I sincerely wondered if other fans agreed with the sports writers, so I fielded a MaxDiff poll among 2,000 fans to find out. Lo and behold, fans generally did agree with the sports writers’ inclusion of this team (it was Michigan if you are interested) in the preseason “Top Ten”. However, that wasn’t the case for all the teams. The gaps in perception between fans and the media began to fascinate me. I enjoyed doing that first poll so much that I continued doing it for the entire 2017 – 2018 college football season and posted the results each week on MDRG‘s website. In March 2018, FanJuicer was launched as its own site for sports fan research studies.

As a market researcher and data science professional, I’m passionate about understanding people’s perceptions about brands and products. FanJuicer allows me to combine that passion with another one: sports fandom. If you’ve ever wondered how other fans feel about a particular team or topic, this is the place for you.

If this sounds interesting to you, consider joining our online panel, and we will let you know when new studies are available in which you can participate and when new results have been posted to the site. Simply provide your email below.